A smile of 2-10+ shades whiter could belong to you. Here at the Pretty Pearls Studio, we guarantee safe, fast, and effective teeth whitening. Using all natural products that are GMO free and vegan friendly. Accompanied by ultraviolet light, to accelerate the process of whitening.

Select the Pearls of your choice, and be on your way to a clean, and relaxing environment. Allowing me to give you the Pretty Pearls you deserve!

The Pearly Express

1(one) 20 minute session- Get your teeth looking pearly white in just 20 minutes with The Pearly Express. This convenient session is ideal for touch-ups while achieving a brighter smile, leaving your teeth 2+shades whiter. (duration of appt. 30min)


Too Pearly

2(two) 20 minute sessions- Get a brighter, whiter smile with Too Pearly! Our advanced formula can help whiten your teeth by 4+ shades, giving you the confidence to show off your pearly whites. Upgrade your smile today with Too Pearly! (duration of appt 50min)


Pretty Pearly

3(three) 20 minute sessions- Get ready to dazzle with the pretty pearly teeth whitening package. Achieve a whiter smile in just a few applications, with results of up to 6+shades lighter. Join the hundreds of satisfied customers who have made Pretty Pearly the most popular choice for teeth whitening. (duration of appt. 1hr 10min)


Platinum Pearls

4(four) 20 minute sessions- Platinum Pearls offers a quick and effective solution for achieving whiter teeth, with the potential to whiten your smile by 8+shades. Specifically formulated for heavy staining caused by smoking, coffee, tea, and wine consumption. Platinum Pearls will help you achieve a brighter smile in no time! (duration of appt. 1hr 30min)


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A deposit fee of $20 is required at the time of booking any appointment. This fee will be applied towards the total of your selected service, and the remaining balance will be collected at the time of service. Please be aware that any no show or failure to cancel/reschedule appointment within at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time, will result in a non refundable deposit fee. Thanks for your understanding.

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